Impacting OUR  youth. Transforming OUR community.

Our Story

Sharoma Scurry-Graves received a idea to start a non-profit organization when she was in high school. In correlation to a lifestyle of service, she aligned her education and work experience to one day make this idea a reality. In recent years, our nation has witnessed tense situations as a result of violence towards minorities. Sharoma noticed how this affected the people and families around her. She needed and wanted to do something. As a result, The Axis Youth Network was born. On August 13, 2016, The Axis launched with a College and Career Seminar at the Montgomery County Central Branch Library.

Pictured: The first group of students we worked with. 

Our Name

An axis is defined as a central or principal structure, about which something turns or is arranged. You may be familiar with the earth's axis or the x and y axis on a graph.


Understanding the importance of an axis in these examples, The Axis Youth Network seeks to be a principal structure in the community. As society changes and families’ needs evolve, The Axis strives to provide opportunities that will consistently support students and their families. 

Our Mission & Vision

The Axis Youth Network seeks to support the success of minority youth through events and connection to resources.  

The Axis strives to exist in a nation were minority students have access to opportunities, in order to produce well rounded citizens and communities that benefit.


The Axis fulfills its purpose by hosting community based events in North Harris and Montgomery Counties (Texas). Some activities include community service, college visits, collegiate games, and seminars. Through these events, we aim to fulfill these three areas of service.