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Our Story

The Axis Youth Network strives to create educational and inclusive programs that celebrate underrepresented youth. Our vision is to create sustainable partnerships and programs that champion the success of youth in the Greater Houston area and beyond. The Axis strives to do good deeds that support youth and assist others with the same motivations. 
On August 13, 2016, The Axis launched with a college and career seminar at the Montgomery County Central Branch Library. Over the years, The Axis has hosted several events in the Greater Houston area. Signature events include HBCU Fest, Girl Power Party, College Bound Boot Camp, and college tours.

Understanding the power in partnerships, The Axis Youth Network prides itself on working with community organizations to fulfil its mission. We have had the pleasure of partnering with the Census Bureau, Run Your Queendom Inc., Choose To Do Inc., Ashley Jadine Foundation, Destination Somewhere Inc., Houston HBCU Alumni Association,  Roberson Middle School, and many more. We look forward to working with these, and others, as we continue to do good in our communities. 
Create relevant programs that address the needs of the community and its constituents
Titus 3:14
Connect families to
community resources
and organizations.
Acts 20:35
Cultivate a network that supports the development and sustainability of local service initiatives.
Hebrews 10:24

Our Goals

Our Name

An axis is defined as a central or principal structure, about which something turns or is arranged. You may be familiar with the earth's axis or the x and y axis on a graph. Understanding the importance of an axis in these examples, The Axis Youth Network seeks to be a principal structure in the community. As society's needs evolve, The Axis strives to provide opportunities that will consistently support youth and the community.

Our Motto

Inspired by Ephesians 2:10, The Axis Youth Network's motto is "Created for Good." We believe:
People are created to do good. 
Our youth are created to do good.
Communities are created to do good. 
Organizations are created to do good.
This collective was created to do good.
As a result, WE WILL DO GOOD!

Our Team

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