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The Network

As a member of The Network, you are joining a collective of community initiatives with a mission to uplift young people. The purpose is to connect service minded people to each other in an effort to share resources, support programs, and enhance the work of each project.


The Network membership is free. 501c3 status is not required to join. We encourage participation from various stages of the implementation process. Whether you have an idea that you are trying to get off the ground or you have an established non profit organization, you are welcome. 


Young Designer
Support existing and aspiring non profit leaders.
Community Service
Aid in
implementing local projects.
Support Group
Create a community for networking and development.


  • Networking with other service minded professionals in the Houston area
  • Directory of resources 
  • Access to seminars and events
  • Participation in annual expo
  • Additional benefits as they become available

Become a Program Partner

If you are representing a formal organization, we invite you to upgrade your membership to become a program partner. 501c3 distinction is not required. Membership is a $50 donation, annually. In addition to the benefits of The Network, program partners also enjoy: 
  • Rotating exposure in The Axis Youth Network’s newsletter, website, and social media pages.
  • Listed as a partner on materials for the program selected
  • Participation in portions of planning for the program selected
  • Additional benefits as they become available

Join The Network

Are you interested in becoming a purpose partner?
If yes, which program would you like to support?

Thanks for joining! We will contact you with next steps.

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